Item 1 Welcome and Introduction
Jim Harland,
Co-Chair RCA Forum,
Director Regional Relationships
South Island,
Waka Kotahi NZTA
COVID-19 Impacts on the local government financial operating environment
Item 2
  • Overview of financial impacts of the pandemic on local government finances
  • The additional impact of the Three Waters Reform Programme; and
  • Financial impacts to consider at the local RCA level when planning

Jason Krupp,
Deputy Chief Executive Advocacy,
Local Government NZ

Arataki – NZTA’s 10 year view
Item 3 Understanding the impacts of COVID 19 on the transport system:

  • Introduction to Arataki and update on development of version 2.0
  • COVID 19 impact research explained including financial impacts
  • Example of how you can access and use the research to inform local decision making

Jeremy Blake,
Principal Advisor,
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Panel Q and A
Closing remarks