Working groups

As issues arise which require a coordinated approach from the sector to resolve, the RCA Forum establishes a working group.  These working groups seek to complete their task as expeditiously as possible, but continue as long as the issues require attention.  Membership normally comprises representatives of local authority members and New Zealand Transport Agency members as appropriate.  Some issues, such as the spillage of stock effluent onto roads from trucks, involve organisations outside of the Forum membership as such wider-sector cooperation is essential to achieving successful outcomes.

Similarly, new issues and sector challenges are constantly arising.  Providing for cycling and active transport modes has become an important issue for members and a working group has been established to ensure that a coordinated approach identifies best practice.  The challenges facing many rural members are being recognised, too, with a new group being established to investigate funding the accelerated pavement consumption of low volume roads from unplanned heavy vehicle traffic. 

Membership of working groups turns over regularly and new volunteers are always welcome to ensure that the membership is fully represented.  Where members have a particular interest in any issue, they should make this known, so that they can be given an opportunity to become involved in a working group or reference group on that issue if the need arises.  Contact us.

The Forum will also work with outside working groups, such as the NZ Utilities Advisory Group, the RIMS (Road Information Management Systems) Group and the Road Efficiency Group (REG).