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Register of Network Standards and Guidelines

New Reference Documents Out For Feedback

The RIMS Group Body of Knowledge project has been approved by the Ratification Group November 2013 meeting as an Other reference document, rather than a Guideline.  New versions of the State Highway Control Manual, Economic evaluation manual and Guide to state highway road surface noise have been approved by the February 2014 meeting, and the Planning and investment knowledge base is now the Investment Standard.

The following new reference documents have been approved by the Ratification Group meeting for Local Guidelines Status subject to the process described above:

April 2014

February 2014


December 2013

October 2013

September 2013

August 2013

May 2013

The NZTA Maintenance Guidelines for local roads (2012) have been approved by the Ratification Group May 2013 meeting as an Other reference document, rather than a Guideline, to allow for further discussion and local feedback.

March 2013

October 2012



New reference documents or major changes to documents in the Register  will be ratified by a Ratification Group that includes the Convenor of the Research and Guidelines Steering Group and at least two representatives of the National Planning Manager, National Investment Manager , Information Manager and HNO National Manager Professional Services from NZTA. 

Significant changes have been to the State Highway section of the Register Process Manual.  No significant changes have been made to the Funding and Local sections.  Register Process Manual V3.0 July 2011 is now available at the existing link.

The Register has also been significantly changed.  The layout has been changed from MS-WORD to MS-EXCEL 2003 to increase its usefulness.  Also, NZTA Specifications have been added, along with recently developed guidelines, and a Planning and Investment knowledge base section has been added under Network funding standard documents.  Joanna Towler and Miranda Wood, in particular, have made a significant contribution to this revision of the Register.

The spreadsheet format now contains four worksheets:

  • About this Register
  • Register management plan
  • Full Register
  • Record of amendments

An Archive Status section is now included in the Register, too.

The Register and the associated Register Process Manual were developed by NZTA in November 2009 with support from the RCA Forum and the wider industry.  Reference documents were automatically transferred to the Register if they were included in the previous State Highway or Land Transport NZ standards and guidelines manuals, with the previous Status of the documents.

The Register provides, in one place, a definitive list of all relevant NZTA State Highway Network Operation and Investment policies, commonly adopted manuals and technical documents.  It also provides a simple, easy to access and manipulate repository of reference documents for local road controlling authorities.  Local road networks need to support the reference documents as providing current best practice.  They should be willing to adopt the standard solutions in the Register and, where necessary, vary those standard solutions to respond to local circumstances appropriately.

Where a local variation has been adopted and proven successful, details of the local variation should be provided to the approriate NZTA technical expert for noting as a local solution in the Register.



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