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Recent research - NZTA

One of the objectives of these pages is to promulgate and publicise research to encourage wider adoption of research recommendations and the application of findings.  This page provides a summary of recent NZTA research reports and other presentations.  For a list of currently active research projects and approved projects not yet commissioned, click here.  

The RCA Forum is also supporting or steering research through its Research and Guidelines Steering Group and working groups.  As well as long-established working groups, such as the National Stock Effluent Working Group or the Stormwater Group, new working groups are being established as issues arise.  More >>

Recent NZTA research reports: (click on the report number to go to the report)

NZTA RR 542 (Mar. 2014) Ongoing domestic freight volume information study.

NZTA RR 546 (Feb. 2014) Measuring the resilience of transport infrastructure.

NZTA RR 543 (Jan. 2014) Pavement design for specialist surfacings.

NZTA RR 545 (Jan. 2014) The relationship between crash rates and rutting.

NZTA RR 537 (Dec. 2013) Improving the cost benefit analysis of integrated PT, walking and cycling.

NZTA RR 540 (Dec. 2013) Customer requirements of multimodal travel information systems.

NZTA RR 541 (Dec. 2013) Driver risk from blood alcohollevels between 50mg/100ml and 80mg/100ml.

NZTA RR 539 (Dec. 2013) A new vehicle loading standard for road bridges in New Zealand.

NZTA RR 535 (Nov. 2013) Accurate and affordable location technology in New Zealand.

NZTA RR 536 (Oct. 2013) Optimising expenditure on roadside safety barriers.

NZTA RR 534 (Oct. 2013) Drivers of demand for transport.

NZTA RR 533 (Oct. 2013) Economic appraisal of public transport service enhancements.

NZTA RR 538 (Oct. 2013) Reliability and freight literature and practice review.

NZTA RR 487 (Sep. 2013) Experience with the development ofoff-peak bus services.

NZTA RR 520 (Sep. 2013) National long-term land transport demand model.

NZTA RR 527 (Sep. 2013) Improving bus service reliability.

NZTA RR 531 (Sep. 2013) Experience with value-for-money urban public transport system enhancements.

NZTA RR 525 (Sep. 2013) Steel-concrete composite bridge design guide.

NZTA RR 529 (Jun. 2013) Performance indicator analysis and applying levels of service.

NZTA RR 528 (Jun. 2013) Improvement of visual road condition data.

NZTA RR 526 (May 2013) Stability of motorcycles on audio tactile profiled (ATP) road markings.

NZTA RR 524 (May 2013) Development of a public transport investment model.

NZTA RR 508 (Apr.2013) Improvement of the performance of hotmix asphalt surfacing in New Zealand.

NZTA RR 523 (Apr. 2013) The effect of roughness (and test speed) on GripTester measurements.

NZTA RR 515 (Apr. 2013) The effect of rainfall and contaminants on road pavement skid resistance.

NZTA RR 512 (Mar. 2013) The New Zealand accessibility analysis methodology.

NZTA RR 518 (Mar. 2013) Econometric models for public transport forecasting.

NZTA RR 522 (Mar.2013) Blueprint for a best practice measurement indicator set and benchmarking.

NZTA RR 502 (Mar. 2013) Assessing pre-tensioned reinforcement corrosion within New Zealand concrete bridge stock.

NZTA RR 487 (Feb. 2013) The costs of congestion reappraised.

NZTA RR 498 (Feb. 2013) The design of stabilised pavements in New Zealand.

NZTA RR 516 (Feb. 2013) Detailed observations and validated modelling of the impact of traffic on the air quality of roadside communities.

NZTA RR 517 (Feb. 2013) Use of roadside barriers versus clear zones.

NZTA RR 511 (Feb. 2013) Value capture mechanisms to fund transport infrastructure.

NZTA RR 513 (Jan. 2013) Impact of urban form on transport and economic outcomes.

NZTA RR 514 (Jan. 2013) The contribution of public transport to economic productivity.

NZTA RR 504 (Dec. 2013) Seismic design of New Zealand highway bridges under spatially varying ground excitations.

NZTA RR 509 (Dec. 2012) The next generation of rural road crash prediction models: final report.

NZTA RR 503 (Nov. 2012) A natural environment and cultural asset management system for New Zealand's state highway network: towards practical concept and application.

NZTA RR 505 (Nov. 2012) Economic evaluation of the impact of safe speeds: literature review. 

NZTA RR 501 (Nov. 2012) Assessment of shear stress limits in New Zealand design standards for high-strength concrete bridge beams.

NZTA RR 506 (Nov. 2012) Identify, evaluate and recommend bus priority interventions.

NZTA RR 507 (Nov. 2012) The implications of road investment.

NZTA RR 497 (Oct. 2012) Freight transport efficiency: a comparative study of coastal, rail and road modes.

NZTA RR 500 (Oct. 2012) Strategic electronic monitoring and compliance of heavy commercial vehicles in the upper North Island.

NZTA RR 499 (Oct. 2012) Modelling of extreme loading effects.

NZTA RR 496 (Sep. 2012) Transport corridors and community structures.

NZTA RR 495 (Sep. 2012) Transport's proportion of total costs for New Zealand businesses.

NZTA RR 494 (Aug. 2012) Supply chain innovation: New Zealand logistics and innovation.

NZTA RR 493 (Aug. 2012) Field evaluation of media filtration stormwater treatment devices.

NZTA RR 492 (Aug. 2012) Scoping approach and measuring impact of indexing unit cost parameters in cost-benefit analysis.

NZTA RR 486 (Jul. 2012) Travel adaptive capacity assessment for particular geographic, demographic and activity cohorts.

NZTA RR 488 (Jun. 2012) Crash risk relationships for improved road safety management.

NZTA RR 432 (Jun. 2012) Minimum design parameters for cycle connectivity.

NZTA RR 491 (Jun. 2012) Factors influencing the decision to rehabilitate a pavement.

NZTA RR 483 (Jun. 2012) Crash prediction models for signalised intersections: signal phasing and geometry.

NZTA RR 484 (Jun. 2012) The social impacts of poor access to transport in rural New Zealand.

NZTA RR 476 (May 2012) Improved multi-lane roundabout designs for urban areas.

NZTA RR 481 (May 2012) Demand for transport services: impact on networks of older persons' travel as the population of New Zealand ages.

NZTA RR 485 (May 2012) Ground vibration from road construction.

NZTA RR 480 (Apr. 2012) Gap acceptance road safety modelling: pilot study.

NZTA RR 482 (Apr. 2012) Fleet management commitment to fuel efficiency.

NZTA RR 479 (Mar. 2012) The economic and land-use impacts of transformational transport investment.

NZTA RR 478 (Mar. 2012) Improved effectiveness and innovation for audio tactile profiled roadmarkings.

NZTA RR 477 (Mar. 2012) Modelling crash risk on the New Zealand state highway network.

NZTA RR 472 (Feb. 2012) New Zealand Bus Policy Model.

NZTA RR 474 (Feb. 2012) Company cars and fringe benefit tax.

NZTA RR 473 (Feb. 2012) Calibration of trip distribution by generalised linear models.

NZTA RR 475 (Feb. 2012) Data collection and monitoring strategies for asset-management of New Zealand road bridges.

NZTA RR 468 (Jan. 2012) Living in intensified urban environments: residential self-selection and travel behaviour.

NZTA RR 469 (Jan. 2012) A wider look at how travellers value the quality and quantity of travel time.

NZTA RR 470 (Jan. 2012) Selection of aggregates for skid resistance.

NZTA RR 463 (Jan. 2012) Development of tensile fatigue criteria for bound materials.

NZTA RR 461 (Dec. 2011) Characterisation and use of stabilised basecourse materials in transportation projects in New Zealand.

NZTA RR 462 (Dec. 2011) Lifetime liabilities of land transport using road and rail infrastructure.

NZTA RR 465 (Dec. 2011) Investigation into the use of point-to-point speed cameras.

NZTA RR 471 (Dec. 2011) The benfits of public transport - option values and non-use values.

NZTA RR 466 (Dec. 2011) High stress corners.

NZTA RR 467 (Dec. 2011) National travel profile part B: trips, trends and travel predictions.

NZTA RR 464 (Dec. 2011) Incorporating travel time reliability in the estimation of assignment models.

NZTA RR 457 (Nov. 2011) Determination of personal exposure to traffic pollution while travelling in different modes.

NZTA RR 459 (Nov. 2011) Extending pavement life: investigation of premature distress in inbound granular pavements.

NZTA RR 446 (Nov. 2011) The variability of road traffic noise and implications for compliance with the noise conditions of roading designations.

NZTA RR 460 (Nov. 2011) Multi-grade bitumen for chipsealing applications.

NZTA RR 458 (Nov. 2011) A social responsibility framework for New Zealand's land transport sector.

NZTA RR 453 (Nov. 2011) Trips and Parking Related to Land Use.

NZTA RR 456 (Oct. 2011) improving rate-of-rotation design limits in crossfalls of road surfaces.

NZTA RR 455 (Oct. 2011) evaluating the performance of open graded porous asphalt.

NZTA RR 449 (Oct. 2011) assessing the types of cycling infrastructure required to attract new cyclists.

NZTA RR 450 (Sep. 2011) evaluating the value of NZTA research programme reports to the end users.

NZTA RR 452 (Sep. 2011) predicting the pedestrian perception of the quality of the walking environment.

NZTA RR 454 (Sep. 2011) evaluating alkali silica reaction and delayed ettringite formation in bridge piles.

NZTA RR 448 (Sep. 2011) assessing the wider economic impacts of transport infrastructure investments.

NZTA RR 451 (Aug. 2011) providing tools for assessing exposure to emissions from land transport.

NZTA RR 445 (Jul. 2011) assessing the contribution of sealing chip application to premature sealing failure in chip-seals.

NZTA RR 447 (Jul. 2011) assessing the effects of pavement binder flushing on tyre-road friction.

The NZTA-NZIHT 12th Annual Conference - Building and maintaining highways for the future - produced a substantial library of presentations on a very wide range of topics addressing the conference theme and relying in many cases on the most recent research available in 2011.  The list of presentations is available here.




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