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About us

The Road Controlling Authorities Forum (RCAF) was initiated on 15 October 1996 by Transit New Zealand as a group of representatives from the territorial local authorities, the Department of Conservation, Land Transport New Zealand and Local Government New Zealand.

Over the years there has been an increased level of support for the RCAF, to the extent that, in 2004 a working group was established to consider a broader role, more consistent with the asset ownership responsibilities of its members and particularly around improved information to assist with asset investment and asset management decisions.  A strategic plan (2004 - 2007) was developed and implemented and in 2006 the RCAF became an Incorporated Society - The Road Controlling Authorities Forum New Zealand Incorporated (RCA Forum (NZ) Inc).

For information about RCA Forum meetings click here.

For more information or queries about the RCA Forum contact Debbie Bryant regarding Forum meetings, agenda and presentations or Wayne Newman regarding working groups.

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